Ten Twenty Post; Darien, Connecticut, Bridal Shower

It is Spring once again (yay!), and with Spring comes wedding season… and what wedding would be complete without a lovely, rose adorned, Bridal Shower?
Ten Twenty Post, in Darien, Connecticut, is a beautiful venue for the contemporary bride with a flair for the vintage and a hint of a throwback of an old french cafe. The atmosphere is warm, inspiring, and inviting. Mix a killer environment with a bunch of excited women, some great food, and lots of laughs from a soon-to-be bride, and you have yourself a recipe for a memorable, and classy, Bridal Shower Affair.

Cheers, to a new season, new budding flowers, new couples, new weddings, and endless possibilities as I capture these wonderful love stories with nothing but a camera and a desire to spread the love!

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