What I Dream To Photograph: Finding Wedding Inspiration From Stationary Suites

As I’ve been sitting at my desk the past several weeks, booking weddings and building my schedule for the 2016 wedding season, I became slightly distracted and started surfing the web, following my imagination.
At this time last year I was planning my own wedding, and whether I’d like to admit it or not, I miss it! The coordination, the fashion, the details! Just so much to dream about!
With this on my mind, I started scrolling through the sites of some of my favorite vendors, sparking my imagination and dreaming up an amazing wedding I would love to shoot; something unique that could truly inspire my photographic story telling.
Upon visiting a site I often use for my own personal stationary needs,, I came across a very unusual wedding invitation and I fell in love with the theme.
Immediately my mind started racing and I began building a dream wedding in my head that I would love to photograph; something earthy, whimsical, and historic, just like the invitation.
It’s amazing what a piece of paper can inspire!
Wherever you find your wedding inspiration as you plan your upcoming nuptials, consider starting with your stationary suite. It will, after all, be the first impression you send your guests.
Happy planning!
I can’t wait to photograph all your wonderful weddings next year, no matter what your inspiration!

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