A Villa Bianca, CT Wedding

So I know I’ve been horrible about blogging lately.
Maybe it’s the holidays, maybe I’m just overwhelmed with stuff in my head… whatever it may be, I’m getting back on the horse again today because I have so much I want to share with you all.
Probably due to an act of subconscious compensation, I’m going to be sharing A LOT of photos with you all today, but it’s all in good spirits because Mike & Kerry are truly a couple who deserves, and whom love, LOTS of images!
Some say “less is more”… BUT NOT TODAY, BOYS. NOT TODAY.
I loved this bride- her optimism, enthusiasm, and true appreciation and love of photographs! She wanted to remember everything. So here, I present to you, a little bit of everything:

Hopefully this one giant post makes up for all my lack of posting this season.

New Year’s resolution: More consistent posting, better curated posts. I’m going to crash my blog if I keep this up.



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