Intimate Portraiture; Making My Brides Feel Beautiful

As I rang in the new year, I decided to set some new goals for Lillie Fortino Photography. I wanted to expand, find new inspiration, and challenge myself as an artist and photographer. I sat in front of my computer, exploring the internet, developing a collection of articles and images of many different things, looking for that one spark of inspiration to help me begin this new journey.
I was drawn to all these different images, quotes, and stories because of one common factor; they were reflections of beauty.
So I started to think about my relationship with my brides…
I knew I found inspiration when photographing their wedding days because I feel exhilerated photographing the undeniable beauty that each one of them radiate on their special day. I knew I could see that unique loveliness about them, but I wondered, did they see themselves the same way I did? Beautiful and powerful? Elegant? Mesmerizing?

It was with this simple question that I decided to strive to capture this not just on their wedding day, but everyday.
I wanted to give them an opportunity to celebrate themselves, without having to declare it as a special occasion.
So, I transformed the second level of my home into a whimsical studio, joined forces with an amazing hair and makeup artist, and together we are pampering my brides, and creating beautiful Intimate Portraits, so they can feel amazing every day.

Come spend the morning with me and Angelica Perri of Perriwinks Makeup Artistry. We will talk, get dolled up, drink some champagne, and capture moments that make you feel beautiful. Sensuous. Powerful. Mesmerizing. It’s a really good time, I promise.

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