Clarice & Elliott: The Webb Deane Barn, Wethersfield, CT

Clarice and Elliott met in college at the University of Connecticut. Looking for some part-time work, she applied to the local Starbucks and began training with the cutest employee of them all; Elliott. Smitten with her new crush, her hands trembled, and she spilt a cup of milk all over Elliott’s shirt, and their love affair commenced. Clumsy and adorable; vulnerable and sweet. An honest love.
Clarice and Elliott planned their rustic barn wedding at the Webb Barn in Wethersfield, CT from their apartment in New York City. With a history in the arts, and plenty of loyal friends to support her, Clarice created a wedding design plan full of hand-crafted decor, whimsical details, and delicate help from all her most loved family and friends.
Surrounded by the support of her loved ones, unique and personal stationary was designed, a rustic-elegant cake was dreamed up, paper flowers were crafted, and endless amounts of sugary delicacies were patiently assembled.
The Spring day began with Clarice and Elliott preparing, accompanied only by their closest loved ones; Clarice with her mother and sister, and Elliott with his best friend. No bridal parties were necessary for a celebration so intimate. And while you would have assumed Clarice would have named her sister Maid of Honor, she had more important duties to fulfill that day. Clarice’s sister was prepared to officiate the ceremony, while Elliott’s brother played sweet melodies on his guitar in the background.
While their present lives are orchestrated in the chaos of New York City, they have a soft-spot in their hearts for the whimsical quiet of the Connecticut countryside, perhaps a throwback to their time spent at the University of Connecticut, and chose to see each other for the first time in the intimate downtown area of Wethersfield, a short walk down the street from their wedding venue.
Standing in a pathway paved with bricks, and vines crawling up the wall behind him, Elliott waited patiently as the gentle breeze pulled back his suit jacket. With that same breeze brought Clarice. She slowly approached Elliott’s turned back with a playfulness that was absolutely adorable and reflected the true nature of their love.
Ended by an intimate embrace, Clarice and Elliott spent the hour before their wedding leisurely exploring the small town that they had grown to love, and lounged in the gardens outside of the Webb Barn, overlooking their ceremony location under a giant and strong tree, representative of their love, and the rustic-chic barn full of their hand-crafted decor and an entrance draped with white curtains.
Walked down the aisle by her mother, Naomi, Clarice’s face blossomed as she walked up towards Elliott as he waited at the base of that giant tree, surrounded by friends and family. His face was sweet and warm, with that gentle smile draped across his mouth. Undecided on who would share their hand-written vows first, Clarice and Elliott dueled it out with a quick game of rocks-paper-scissors, as Clarice’s sister explained to the guests that it was a perfect example of the playful nature of love they share.
Once their marriage was sealed, guests headed over to the historic Webb Barn awaiting them in the distance, and the celebrations began. A first dance to “Home,” by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, ended with Clarice and Elliott insisting that all their guests join them on the dance floor.
While Clarice’s best friend did give a speech, Clarice and Elliott took the mic into their own hands, and untraditionally gave their own speech to their guests. Their words expressed their overwhelming appreciation for all the support they had received during this wedding journey, and wished them to enjoy their big day just as much as them.
An exciting buffet followed with a full-pig roast, which Clarice and Elliott proudly posed behind.
Besides the charismatic decor Clarice had crafted herself, the aesthetic of her rustic-chic wedding was truly enhanced by the abundance of fine confections, also provided by a wedding guest. The night ended with a Spring shower, falling from the sky and refreshing the night. It was almost as if the rain washed away the past, and allowed for a new beginning for Clarice and Elliott, as man and wife.
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