I use natural light whenever I can, and take the liberty of creating black & white photographs when I think it will help tell your story better.

The photographs I create are bold, organic, and have the heart of a documentary. I use the light and my lens to capture the "in between" moments to help you remember the smiles, the jokes, and the songs (not just what your dress and the cake you never actually got a chance to eat looked like).

It's my goal to deliver photographs to my clients that remind them about the moments that make life such a beautiful adventure.


Using Lillie was the best decision we made throughout our wedding planning!!!... Lillie has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. There were limited cheesy smiles because she captured genuine moments of joy. When we look through our photos it brings back a flood of emotion from our special day. Our friends are all jealous because not only do we have beautiful photographs of our wedding but they are also very artistic. Lillie is an artist first and a photographer second. She has a keen eye for detail and it shows in her final product."