and here's what I do for you...      


You cannot forget to celebrate the beauty that remains. Family, love, and friendship. This is what makes the world beautiful even in the most trying of times. I celebrate these things with my camera, and remind you to smile along the way.






Why I do what I do...

the world is full of beauty and worth fighting for.

I'm more than a service, I'm a friend.

I don't just
"take pictures,"
I create photographic art.

I hunt down the
"in between" moments.

The greatest emotion is the greatest muse.

your story is worth telling.

I take time to get to know my clients and understand their unique story. I want to get together and chat over coffee or cocktails because I want to accompany you on your wedding day as a friend, not a stranger. I want to joke with you, laugh with you, and help make every moment of your wedding day unforgettably wonderful.

In a world oversaturated with technology, apps, and filters, I’m the old-school real deal. I studied fine art in college and majored in photography. I shoot with purpose and and use my camera and light to create truly artistic images. 

During your wedding day I am continuously on the hunt. I dig and search for those brief little moments in between the scheduled events, and record them for eternity with my camera. When you receive your photographs you won’t just be reminded of the dress, cake, and first kiss. You’ll remember the jokes, the songs, the unplanned moments that matter the most at the end of the day.

Whether you know it or not, you have made an impression on the world, and you have helped shape the lives of those around you. Your story is important, and deserves to be documented, shared, and retold. 

As an artist I am often asked what inspires me. There’s nothing more inspiring in the world than love, and luckily I chose a profession that specializes in just that! Surround yourself with love and only good things will come.

Does this all sound wonderful?
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